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Ruby's Driving School offers a female driving instructor in Birmingham who can provide driving lessons in a choice of languages in and around the Bordesley Green area in East Birmingham.

Ruby is a fully qualified female driving instructor who specializes in nervous pupils and pupils for whom English is not their first language.

As well as an introductory offer of the first four driving lessons for £8.99 each, student discounts, block booking discounts and intensive driving courses are also available.




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Female Driving Schools


Whether you want a male or female driving instructor, a fully qualified ADI will be able to give you the best possible driving tuition. Anyone wanting to give driving lessons needs to qualify with the DVSA. There is a requirement to be a "fit and proper person" as part of the registration process. This includes all Instructors, male and female, having DBS checks. The DVSA also has a voluntary code of conduct, and finally all driving instructors are regularly check tested to ensure that the lessons they give are of a satisfactory standard. Not all Instructors are fully qualified - a pink badge means they are a trainee, only a green one means that they are fully qualified. It's best to ask before you start your lessons!

Although some girls may be more comfortable being taught by a female driving instructor, most driving instructors both male and female teach to a high standard and treat their pupils in a professional manner. Remember, the important thing is to find a driving school that you feel happy with.

Some driving schools put a lot of effort into image and marketing - but remember that image is less important than good quality lessons to pass your test! A good idea is to ask your mates who they have learnt with. If it doesn't work out with your driving instructor, try to talk it through with them. If you can't sort it out with them, you might be best off finding a new instructor. If you have a serious complaint about a driving school you can contact the DVSA.