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Number Plates

no plates




Personalised Number Plates are becoming more and more popular and are even available from DVLA. From the obscure to the outrageous they're all available! They can be relatively cheap or very expensive. The right plate can also turn out to be an investment! However there are strict rules about letter spacing

Windscreen Tinting





Windscreen tinting is an effective and stylish way to customize a cars. There are strict laws about how much light needs to be allowed through tinted windows

Furry Dice






Back in fashion is the 70's icon the furry dice. Available from Halfords and most car accessory shops. Do not allow objects to interfere with your vision







Furry Seats






Furry seats are back including leopard skin patterns and particularly pink fur.

Tax Disc holder




One of the cheapest ways to pink up your car is this tax disc holder. Failure to keep your tax up to date will result in an automatic fine.


Pink Tyre Valve Caps